• As Built Drawing of Stadium Majlis Perbandaran Pasir Gudang

    Location: Stadium Tertutup Majlis Perbandaran Pasir Gudang

    Equipment: 1 unit of Faro Focus 3D Laser Scanner

    Scan Duration: 3 days (31 March - 02 April 2019)

    Post Processing: 1 Month

    Final Output: 3D model in PointCloud/As Built Drawing/ 3D Model  Drawing



  • Disaster & Risk Management

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    • In case of disaster management, 3D model is useful to acquire and monitor emergency situations
    • Laser scan can works under varying light situation and incorporate non-contact measurement for post-disaster investigation
    • Rapid data capture on dangerous and hazardous area



  • Faro Training Program

    Location  : Faro Singapore

    Date         : 20 - 24 April 2015

    Program  : Train the trainer

     5 days of training conducted by Faro which involved 5 different countries (Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philipines and Singapore) where the main purpose is to train us on how to do the best demonstaration on Faro products. The training also touches on technical discussion and experience sharing when we doing projects using Faro laser scanner. Some technical issues which cannot be solve are escalated to Faro's HQ.

    Further discussions focus more on which third party software best suits for any types of projects handled. We also shared on how some issues addresses are solved using various software and techniques.

    The training also train us on how to work with the lastest handheld scanner, FREESTYLE 3D, and the new features in the latest Scene 5.4 software. This latest Scene 5.4 can registered both from the Freestyle with the Focus 3D & Focus 3DX Laser Scanner.

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