The new AL3 system is a weight optimized version of the AL2.  By removing the aluminum enclosure, misc mounting brackets and stainless steel hardware, we've reduced the weight by almost 2.5kg!  The AL3 is now light enough for most medium sized UAV's, i.e. the DJI S1000 shown on the right.

By separating the IMU/sensor from the CPU, GPS, Wifi and power distribution electronics; we've made integration easy for all different types of UAVs, ATV's, cars/trucks and even backpacks!

The AL3 is light enough that the DJI S1000 multirotor can lift the sensor for approx 15 minutes.  This type of aerial platform is ideal for scanning areas up to one square kilometer.  For more details on this aerial option, click the following link: AL3 S1000 Copter

The AL3 includes the Velodyne HDL-32 high definition LiDAR sensor.  The HDL-32 sensor provides 700,000 scan points per second.   For more data on the sensor, please view specs on the right.

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